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Restaurant rankings 2024

Rutz and Schwarzwaldstube remain at the top of the German rankings

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April update: KOMU storms into the top 100

For the fourth month in a row, the restaurant rankings for Germany will be jointly published in April by Rutz in Berlin and Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn. The Schwarzwaldstube has been in the top spot since January 2023 and the Rutz since January 2024. Both restaurants achieved 139.6 points Third place is still occupied by the Sonnora in Dreis  and the Aqua in Wolfsburgwith a gap of five tenths. 

The update takes into account numerous updates to the restaurant guides, which are constantly publishing new ratings, as well as the new ratings in the Michelin Guide and the Great Guide. An overview of all the changes recorded for the rankings can be found here

Unchanged from the previous month, Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau in Perl-Nennig is in fifth place. Sixth place is confirmed by JAN in Munich, but is now shared with Schanz in Piesport, which was in seventh place in March. The Bareiss in Baiersbronn is still in eighth place, followed by the The Table in Hamburg  in ninth place and the Vendôme in Bergisch Gladbach in tenth.

One change shows just how close the top 20 in the ranking are: as the Söl'ring Hof in Rantum no longer received a green star, the restaurants Tantris,Horvàth, Ikigai (formerly Luce d'Oro), Steinheuers, Facil and Tim Raue overtook him, moving up one place each and the Söl'ring Hof is now in 19th place instead of 13th.

In the top 50, the ES:SENZ in Grassau improved to 26th place, the best position in the restaurant's young history, thanks to its upgrade to three stars in the Michelin Guide. The Jante in Hanover also continues to improve, with 30th place once again a new record. In addition, the Esplanade in Saarbrücken improved to 34th place and also achieved a new record, as did the Louis in Saarlouis, which is now in 41st place. The 100/200 in Hamburg is in the top 50 for the first time, rising from 52nd place in March to 49th.

The biggest leap upwards within the top 100 was made by Intense, Wachenheim an der Weinstrßae, which improved from 88th to 55th place. The best newcomer to the top 100 is KOMU in Munich, which was ranked 757th in March and is now 56th. Restaurants STORSTAD (Regensburg, 69th place), Schwitzer's Gourmet-Restaurant (Waldbronn, 89th place) and Roter Hahn (Regensburg, 100th place), which is now one of the 100 best restaurants in Germany for the first time.

Details on the calculation method and how many ranking points the restaurant guide ratings result in can be found here.

A total of 4,715 restaurants are currently listed in the ranking, which is 22 fewer than at the beginning of March. Compared to the beginning of March, 274 restaurants received a higher score or were newly added to the ranking, with the The First in Blankenhain, ahead of MIND by sabrina Fenzl in Markt Indersdorf and KOMU in Munich. 435 restaurants receive fewer points than at the beginning of March. Inclusion in the ranking is automatic and free of charge as soon as a restaurant is rated in one of the popular restaurant guides and achieves at least 30 ranking points.

The KOMU in Munich is also the restaurant that has gained the most points compared to the April 2023 ranking, followed by Marburger Esszimmer in Marburg and the Wachter Foodbar in Prien.

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