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Come and join the bon vivants

This is where we have collected all the important questions and answers about going to a restaurant and about our portal.

If you are just learing the ropes about this culinary hobby or have only recently discovered your delight in first class gastronomy then our advice to you is to pick up your courage and just contact us.

You can distinguish an excellent restaurant especially by the fact that they do not give you the feeling of sticking out like a sore thumb. Just forget about all those hackneyed prejudices, jokes and film scenes on the subject as it is highly unlikely that you will ever experience anything like these in a good restaurant.

Our points system

For our rankings the leading restaurant guides and their evaluations are charted and entered into our own points system (similar to the French school marking system) and calculated. You can find the comprehensive point distribution in the points tables of the individual countries (cf. right).

The points so calculated are then totaled and result in the total number of points*.

The guides are weighted by the varying methods and quality classes given when evaluating and can differ from year to year.

*Only the highest point totals are included in the calculation of the rankings and the worst grade eliminated. With some countries the worst grade is multiplied by 0.1 and added to the total number of points. This is similar to the situation with sports judges and helps to modifiy any personal preferences critics might have.

In order to show appreciation for special service we include the special points awarded by the guides for service, ambience, wine and so on and add them on as bonus points (<=1). 

The restaurant guides

- Michelin Deutschland 2013, Der Michelin-Führer, Landau-Mörlheim 
Michelin Schweiz 2013, Le Guide Michelin, CH-1762 Givisiez 
Michelin France 2013, Le Guide Michelin, F-75324 Paris
Michelin Great Britain 2013, Hotels and Restaurants, Michelin, Watford
along with Michelin Spain, Italy, Benelux...

Gault Millau Deutschland 2013, Christian Verlag, München
Gault Millau Österreich 2013, Communication Service Verlag, Wien 
Gault Millau Schweiz 2013, Ringier AG, Zürich
Gault Millau France 2013, GaultMillau, F-92110 Clichy
along with Gault Millau Benelux

Gusto Deutschland 2013, Verlag Gusto Media, Landsberg am Lech
Der Feinschmecker Hotel & Restaurant Guide 2013, Jahreszeiten Verl.HH
Schlemmer Atlas 2013, Busche Verlagsgesellschadt mbH, Dortmund
Der Varta-Führer 2013, Varta-Führer GmbH, Ostfildern
Der große Restaurant & Hotel Guide 2013 (D/A/CH), HDT Verlag HH

- À la Carte Österreich 2013, Gastronomieführer Verlag-GmbH, Wien
Guide Bleu Suisse 2012/13, Weber Verlag, Thun
Bottin Gourmand 2013, Les Éditions du Bottin Gourmand, F-75116 Paris,
Champérard France 2013, Champérard Productions, F-92150 Suresnes, 
The AA Restaurant Guide 2013. Automobile Association, Basingstoke (UK)
The Good Food Guide 2013. Which?, Worthing (UK)

- Guia Repsol (Iberian Peninsualar) # # #, max. 3 suns
- Gourmetour (Spain) 10/10, max. 10 points
- LoMejor (Europe to some extent) 10/10, max. 10 points
- Gambero Rosso (Italy) GGG, max. 3 forks
- Espresso (Italy) 20/20, max. 20 points
- Guide Delta (Belgium & Luxembourg) dddd, max. 4 toques
- White Guide (Sweden) 100/100, points system
- Zagat (worldwide), points system
- Tripadvisor (worldwide), max. 5 points

Rating-tip for our users/guests/members

Please award your evaluation toques according to the following guidelines:

Not only will initial scathing reports and negative outpourings be rejected without comment but also such hymns of praise which would appear to have been "bought".  

HC = 20 points = Vollkommen/perfect

Please only designate this category if you have already visited several 2 to 3 star restaurants and that the one under review is, in your opinion, one of the best restaurants.

5 toques = 19 points = Erstklassig/first class

Please choose this category if you are of the opinion that the cooking here is outstanding in every way. Here you always enjoy culinary highlights. The creativity in the dishes can be classic or modern but they provide a point of reference when compared with other cuisines or culinary fashions. The relationship of price to quality is impeccable.

4 toques = 18 points = Hervorragend/outstanding
Please choose this category if you are of the opinion that the cooking here is unusual and excellent. Here you will usually enjoy culinary highlights whether classic or modern. The quality of the products and the technical execution are always outstanding when compared with other restaurants. Regional products are integrated at the highest level. The relationship of price to quality is outstanding

3 toques = 16 points = Sehr Gut/very good
Please choose this category if you are of the opinion that here the cooking is usually very good. Here you experience restaurant cooking at the highest level. The quality of the products and technical implementation is very good when compared with other restaurants. Regional products are offered as well as high-priced ones. The relationship of price to quality matches what is being offered.

2 toques = 14 points = Gut/good
Please choose this category if you are of the opinion that here the cooking is unusually good or good. The quality of the products and the technical implementation are better than the average restaurants that you have experienced. Regional products are predominant. Occasionally more exclusive products are offered. The relationship of price to quality is better than average. 

1 toque = 12 points = Ambitioniert/ambitious
Please choose this category if you are of the opinion that here the cooking is ambitious. More often than not there will be attempts to improve the quality of the products and the technical implementation or to surprise guests with highlights. Restaurants with healthy regional products, simply but well prepared, belong in this category. Exclusive products are prepared without any particular creativity. The relationship of price to quality matches the effort in the kitchen and service.


Method of calculation


The maximum average value which can be reached is 21.5 points including bonus points.


The awards will be totalled and divided by the number of submissions:

16 + 16 + 18 + 18 = 68
68 divided by 4 = 17.00 Punkte


Bonus points

The bonus points are really only intended as a wee bonus, for example when the restaurant in question actually does stand out when such services as wine, service, atmosphere, are taken into consideration. 

Whether it is the more than adequately filled wine cellar, the particularly enchanting site or view or the service, if it is worth mentioning then it is worth the wee bonus.

Should you have any questions we will be happy to help.

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