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Our past

On our site you can discover the best restaurants in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia - though maybe not your favourite Italian just around the corner.

The gourmet portal from themerging of Gustav Volkenborn’s Restaurant Hitlisten <hit list> and the chef list on the website. The result is an all-embracing and unique online product in the gastronomy sector. One which is quite unequalled as far as depth of information and user friendliness is concerned.

Our Roots

In 1988, due to the diversity in the way restaurant guides awarded their points Gustav Volkenborn (1941-2006) had the brilliant idea of calculating a total number of points using the awards given by the leading guides. To this end all the awards were converted into points in a standardised system (the French school system of marking from 0 to 20), weighted according to distribution and importance and then totalled for each restaurant. The result was a comparability over and above the actual guides which has gained increased importance in the past few years and, in fact, has now become a recognised standard.

Hannes Buchner (b. 1964) favoured a different approach. In 2004 he set up his own chef database ( developed from his numerous visits to restaurants at home and abroad. This included detailed information on the creative movers and doers behind the scenes. When the database grew thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of the gourmet chefs it was decided, without further ado, to publish it on the World Wide Web. In recent years the foundation was laid whereby the little database was turned into a European gourmet portal which impresses both foodies and insiders equally.


At the end of 2006 Hannes Buchner took over the restaurant hit list of the deceased Gustav Volkenborn and reconstructed the two web products into an information portal.

In 2009 the Gourmet-Portal GmbH <plc> was founded. 
With its rankings the Gourmet-Portal GmbH offers a user-friendly and up-to-date review of current top gastronomic businesses worldwide.


My name is Hannes Buchner. 

I have been an ardent follower of haute cuisine for the past 30 years. A trip through France predetermined my culinary favourite and many years later lead to my founding of this portal. For the last seven years I have been the owner and publisher of the gourmet portal Restaurant, the former

I have made it my business to provide information on the best addresses worldwide to those who are interested in really excellent restaurants.

Over and above this the portal offers verifiably successful advertising space for companies looking to reach the upmarket gastronomy sector and a large number of gourmets.

I look forward to receiving queries and constructive criticism.

With culinary greetings,
Hannes Buchner

PS. Please tell your friends and partners about us.