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Restaurant rankings 2024

New record for Tohru Nakamura

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May update: The Alois returns to the Top30

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For the fifth month in a row, the restaurant rankings for Germany will be jointly published in May by Rutz in Berlin and Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn. The Schwarzwaldstube has been in the top spot since January 2023 and the Rutz since January 2024, with both restaurants achieving 139.6 points. Third place is still occupied by the Sonnora in Dreis and the Aqua in Wolfsburg with a gap of five tenths. 

The update takes into account numerous updates to the restaurant guides, which are constantly publishing new reviews. In particular, this month there are new ratings in the Schlemmer-Atlas and Gusto. An overview of all the changes recorded for the rankings can be found here

There are no changes in the top 10 compared to April. As a result, the Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau in Perl-Nennig remains in fifth place. Sixth place was retained by JAN in Munich and Schanz in Piesport. The Bareiss in Baiersbronn remains in eighth place, followed by the The Table in Hamburg  in ninth place and the Vendôme in Bergisch Gladbach in tenth place.

The Haerlin in Hamburg improves to eleventh place. It overtakes Gästehaus Klaus Erfort in Saarbrücken, which has been downgraded by Gusto. Thanks to an upgrade in Gusto, Tohru in der Schreiberei has improved from 25th to 22nd place, putting it in a better position in the rankings than ever before in its history. Following the change of chef last year, some guides had suspended the rating of Alois. Thanks to an upgrade in the Schlemmer-Atlas, it improved from 48th to 29th place in the May rankings, making it one of the top 30 restaurants in Germany again. This is also the biggest improvement within the top 100 in April

In addition, the Intense in Wachenheim improved by one place in the Top100 to 54th place, achieving a new record in its history, as did the KOMU in Munich, which improved from 56th to 55th place. There are no newcomers to the top 100 in April.

Details on the calculation method and how many ranking points the restaurant guides' assessments result in can be found here.

A total of 4,627 restaurants are currently listed in the ranking, which is 88 fewer than in April. Compared to the beginning of April, 135 restaurants received a higher score or were newly included in the ranking. The L'Arome in Frankfurt am Main collects the most points in one month, ahead of Lovis in Berlin and the Heines Wine&Dine in Baden-Baden. 79 restaurants receive fewer points than at the beginning of April Inclusion in the ranking is automatic and free of charge as soon as a restaurant is rated in one of the popular restaurant guides and achieves at least 30 ranking points.

The KOMU in Munich is the restaurant that has gained the most points compared to the May 2023 ranking, followed by Jacobi in Freiburg and the Marburger Esszimmer.

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