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Assaf Granit's new spring kitchen


Restaurant Berta presents new culinary highlights for spring

BERLIN: Berta in Berlin, a restaurant for foodies and gourmets, is once again setting new standards in the Berlin gastronomy scene with its new spring cuisine by head chef Assaf Granit. The menu features a selection of dishes that reflect the freshness and variety of spring ingredients. Innovative interpretations in the cosmos from Berlin to Jerusalem play the leading role. With new, exciting flavour compositions, Berta's spring cuisine offers an incomparable culinary experience.

The creations start with the starters. They include classics such as Kubaneh, the legendary Frenavon and the Jerusalem Pretzel, a tribute to the city's rich culinary tradition. The A Plate for the Brave, a selection of different hot pepper dips, provides intense flavours 

Main courses include highlights such as the Fish Shawarma, a wonderfully fragrant dish with cucumber and horseradish tzatziki, tirshi pickled vegetables and a fresh herb salad. There's also the beef tartare, served with vine leaves, pickled cucumber, mustard, pine nuts and a Jerusalem hot sauce. Ceviche Assaf, consisting of white fish, farm tomatoes, pickled peppers, garlic labane and tobiko. Equally tempting is the Graved Salmon, served with potatoes La Ratte, dill salsa, sumac-mint yoghurt, fish skin and salmon caviar, accompanied by the Oktopus Meschouia, a dish with roasted aubergine, onion, peppers and tomatoes, accompanied by feta aioli and lachuch. The Green Risotto Ptitim  also promises a flavour explosion of freshness and aromas with broccoli, peas, spinach, basil, lime, ginger foam and almonds.

The culinary journey through spring ends with sweet temptations such as Basbousa, accompanied by lemon labane and Chantilly mascarpone with a nectarine compote. But also Pause, consisting of chocolate mousse, refined with cardamom, almonds, coffee crumble and a touch of olive oil and salt, offers a moment of sweet relaxation. The Riba Cookie is a composition of dacquoise, blueberry sorbet, strawberry coulis, pistachios and almonds. The Crembo Kiss, a delicious combination of peanut butter biscuit, Italian meringue, salted peanuts and dark and white chocolate, also offers a unique experience.

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