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Noma leads the list of the new White Guide

Guide for nordic cuisine published

HELSINKI. The second edition of The White Guide Nordic was launched today in Helsinki. More than 200 journalists and restaurateurs took part in the event. The new guide covers the 300 best restaurants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and now Greenland.

This year the guide covers 54 restaurants in Finland, 56 restaurants in Norway (including Svalbard), 92 restaurants in Sweden, 85 restaurants in Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and 17 restaurants in Iceland. This edition also gives a sneak peek into the gastronomy of the Baltics in an appendix on 25 Estonian restaurants produced by Flavours of Estonia according to the White Guide’s testing criteria.

The texts and points in the book regarding Danish and Swedish restaurants are derived from the respective national guides with a few additions of newly opened or re-assessed restaurants. Only the 85 best restaurants in Denmark and the 92 best restaurants in Sweden have been included in the Nordic edition, but the national guides are available in their entirety (in Danish and Swedish) at the App Store.

All of the restaurants in the Nordic guide are rated and grouped by country, category and location. The restaurants in the White Guide are assessed on a scale of 100 points, according to the following: food (40 points), service (25 points), beverages (20 points) and setting/atmosphere (15 points). The food score is the most important as it determines the restaurants rating on the Top 30 list.

The White Guide Nordic is sold through established channels and distributed via partners. In addition to the printed guide,  e-book and website (, you can also download the app, containing complete reviews in English as well as an  interactive map, at the App Store starting November 17th.

For the Top 30 Nordic List and the ranking of the restaurants in The White Guide Nordic 2016, see the following 

  1. Noma, Kopenhagen, Dänemark 39/97
  2. Fäviken Magasinet Järpen/Åre, Schweden 39/96
  3. Geranium Kopenhagen, Dänemark 39/93
  4. Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne Tranås, Schweden 39/92
  5. Esperanto Stockholm, Schweden 38/94
  6. Restaurant Frantzén Stockholm, Schweden 38/94
  7. Gastrologik Stockholm, Schweden 38/94
  8. Maaemo Oslo, Norwegen 38/93
  9. Kadeau København Kopenhagen, Dänemark  38/92
  10. Oaxen Krog Stockholm, Schweden 38/92
  11. Upper House Dining, Gothia Towers Gothenburg, Schweden 38/91
  12. Søllerød Kro Holte, Dänemark 37/91
  13. Mathias Dahlgren – Matsalen Stockholm, Schweden 37/90
  14. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl Kopenhagen, Dänemark 37/90
  15. PM & Vänner Växjö, Schweden 37/90
  16. Restaurant AOC Kopenhagen, Dänemark 37/89
  17. KOKS Tórshavn/Faroe Islands, Dänemark 37/84
  18. Operakällaren Stockholm, Schweden 36/94
  19. Koka Gothenburg, Schweden 36/92
  20. Frederikshøj Aarhus, Dänemark 36/91
  21. Kong Hans Kælder Kopenhagen, Dänemark 36/90
  22. Studio Kopenhagen, Dänemark 36/89
  23. Hotel Frederiksminde Præstø, Dänemark 36/87
  24. Kadeau Bornholm Aakirkeby/Bornholm, Dänemark 36/87
  25. Falsled Kro Millinge, Dänemark 36/86
  26. Olo Helsinki, Finland 36/85
  27. Statholdergaarden Oslo, Norwegen 36/84
  28. Hotell Borgholm Borgholm/Öland, Schweden 36/83
  29. Restaurang Vollmers Malmö, Schweden 36/83
  30. Ti Trin Ned Fredericia, Dänemark 36/81

The list of all restaurants evaluated by the White Guide

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