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New head chef at Giardino Lago


Simone Morgano wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the hotel's kitchen

MINUSIO. Simone Morgano is the new head chef at Hotel Giardino Lago. With his career and passion for culinary excellence, Morgano is set to bring a breath of fresh air to the kitchen of the renowned hotel. 

Simone Morgano, born on 23 May 1991 in Italy, has made a name for himself in upscale gastronomy in recent years. His culinary journey has taken him through some of the best restaurants in Italy and Switzerland. His positions as sous chef and chef de partie in renowned establishments such as the Valbella Resort and the Osteria dell'Enoteca in Losone are particularly noteworthy. Most recently, he was Chef de Partie at Villa Orselina, where he further honed his skills.

He began his training at the PSSAR Marco Gavio Apicio, a leading gastronomic institute in Italy, and continued it with several prestigious internships, including at the Michelin-starred restaurant Accursio in Modica and Metamorfosi in Rome.

Simone Morgano is characterised by his ability to combine traditional recipes with modern techniques to create exceptional culinary experiences. He is known for his creative menus, the use of high-quality ingredients and his meticulous attention to detail. His experience in managing and training kitchen teams ensures that the highest standards continue to be maintained at Giardino Lago.

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