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27 new wine ambassadors selected

At a tasting in Berlin, the Federal Foreign Office and the German Wine Institute (DWI) selected 27 wines and sparkling wines as the new range of recommendations for the 154 embassies, 50 consulates general and 7 consulates.

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BERLIN. 420 German  diplomats and their guests all over the world will be able to toast themselves with new wines in the future.  After an open invitation to tender, a total of 420 wines were put forward for pre-selection, from which the DWI selected the best 59 wines in a blind tasting, which were made available for the final tasting in Berlin. This year's range of wines includes four sparkling wines, 15 white wines, four red wines and two rosés, as well as two non-alcoholic varieties for the first time. They come from ten different German wine-growing regions and reflect the diversity of flavours in Germany very well.</p

<p>The DWI has been supporting the Federal Foreign Office in the selection of wines for many years. It also advises employees in the foreign missions worldwide on specific wine issues and offers an annual wine seminar as part of the attaché training programme.


<p>Among the selected wines is the 2021 Chardonnay from Winzerzhof Stahl in Franconia, whose restaurant recently received a Michelin star for the first time.

Winemaker and head chef Christian Stahl is delighted with this news. "My team and I are very proud that we are able to represent the Franconian wine region with our sparkling wine worldwide," says the businessman.

Wine recommendations 2024 for German missions abroad


Mosel - 2022 DOM Zero
Riesling non-alcoholic sweet
Bischöfliche Weingüter

Rheinhessen - 2022 Dri.Ver! - Sparkling non-alcoholic
Cuvée Riesling & Sauvignon Blanc & Verjus
Winery Dr Hinkel

White wine


2023 Weißer Burgunder trocken - Weingut Weber

2022 Souvignier Gris semi-dry, Hagnauer  - Winzerverein Hagnau


2023 Silvaner trocken, Iphöfer Kronsberg
Weingut Ernst Popp


2023 Riesling trocken - Blauschiefer
Weingut Markus Fries

2022 Beetle Mosel Riesling trocken 
Dienhart Weine

2022 Riesling feinherb, Hatzenporter Burg Bischofstein
Winery Julia & Rabea Weckbecker

2022 Riesling feinherb, Graacher Himmelreich
Weingut Kees-Kieren

2022 Riesling feinherb, Erdener Herrenberg
Weingut Lotz

2023 Riesling Auslese edelsüß, Wintricher Großer Herrgott
Quint Winery


2022 Chardonnay dry
Weinmanufaktur Gerhard Schwarztrauber


2023 Riesling dry. Oestrich - vom Löss -
VDP.Weingut August Eser

Rhine Hesse

2023 Sauvignon Blanc dry
Winery Eckehart Gröhl

2023 Sauvignon Blanc dry, Hesslocher
Cisterzienser Weine Michel

2023 Pinot Gris dry
VDP.Weingut Winter

2022 Riesling dry, Niersteiner Pettenthal
Weingut Heise am Kranzberg

Red wine


2020 Pinot Noir dry "CCL"
Winery Fritz Waßmer


2021 Pinot Noir dry, Dürkheimer Nonnengarten
Weingut Darting

2021 Cuvée dry
Weingut Neiss


2020 Merlot dry, Untertürkheimer Altenberg
Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim



2022 Pinot Noir feinherb, Blanc de Noirs
Weingut Wey


2022 Blanc de Noirs trocken
Weingut Kneisel



2021 Chardonnay dry
Winzerhof Stahl


2022 Sparkling wine Riesling extra dry
Sparkling wine cellar Edith Stein


2021 Pinot Noir brut
Rüdesheimer Sektkellerei Ohlig


2018 Pinot brut
Sächsisches Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth

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