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Copa Jerez: German finalists found

München, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Wettbewerb

Jan Nachtigall and Lily Hartley from Teko in Essen represent Germany

Foto: KDJ/Melanie Bauer Photodesign
Sieger-Pairing der Copa Jerez

MUNICH  A breathtaking culinary spectacle took place on 5 May at the renowned Allianz Arena in Munich: the German final of the Copa Jerez, the largest international gastronomy competition for sherry wines. Three talented teams competed in an eagerly awaited competition to present their three-course menus with perfectly matched sherry pairings to a high-calibre jury of experts.    

Three teams battled it out for a place in the Copa Jerez final

The Copa Jerez, a cooperation between CRDO JEREZ and ICEX - Wine from Spain, is considered Europe's leading competition for sherry wines and enjoys international recognition. The German preliminary tournament took place as part of the renowned gastronomic event "Chef of the Year" at the Allianz Arena in Munich. Three teams competed live against each other and each presented a three-course menu with matching sherry accompaniment to the expert jury. The expert audience was able to experience the competition live and taste exquisite sherry wines.

The participating teams were:

  • Jan Nachtigall (Chef de Partie, Teko by Lange Rodriguez, Essen) and Lily Hartley (Sommèliere, Teko by Lange Rodriguez, Essen)
  • Jerome Becht (Chef de Cuisine, Brasserie Moulins, Dorint Parkhotel, Bad Vilbel) and Jonas Graf (Sommelier and Restaurant Manager, Brasserie Moulins, Dorint Parkhotel, Bad Vilbel)
  • Michael Deml (Sous Chef, Restaurant Nouille, Rosenheim) and Manuel Vogel (Wine Consultant, Galeria Markthalle, Karlsruhe)

The jury consisted of:

  • Jury President Mona Schrader (Sommelière, Jante**, Hanover)
  • Star chef Tony Hohlfeld (Jante**, Hanover)
  • Author and gastronomy expert Stevan Paul from Hamburg
  • Yvonne Heistermann, President of the Sommelier-Union Deutschland e. V. and Sommelière, Sommelier, Jante**, Hanover.V. and Sommelière, Karlsruhe
  • Pablo Calvo, Head of the ICEX - Wine from Spain Department, Spanish Economic and Commercial Department in Düsseldorf

Essen team from Teko by Lange Rodriguez secures victory - enthusiasm among the jury

In the end, Jan Nachtigall (Chef de Partie, Teko by Lange Rodriguez, Essen) and Lily Hartley (Teko by Lange Rodriguez) impressed the jury the most with their menu pairing, which was characterised by the highest quality, creativity, courage and harmony. They were impressed by the standard of the participating teams and the creative realisation of the task. The finest nuances ultimately made the decisive difference.

"The finalists of the German decision for the Copa de Jerez did not make it easy for the jury, all of them shone with craftsmanship, creativity and flavour. With Jan Nachtigall and Lily Hartley from Teko by Lange Rodriguez in Essen, a committed and highly motivated team will be travelling to the international final in Jerez for Germany again next year! emphasises Stevan Paul journalist and gastronomy expert.

More attention for sherry

The experts agree on one thing - the topic of sherry should definitely receive more attention in Germany

"In my opinion, the "Copa Jerez" competition is unique in a way that doesn't exist anywhere else, because a team consisting of a sommelier and chef take on this challenge together - to present and interpret sherry, which is almost forgotten in Germany, both as a wine and then in food. In my opinion, this is also a great opportunity to make sherry better known again - because sherry has so much variety to offer and should definitely receive more attention in Germany," emphasises Yvonne Heistermann, experienced sommelier and president of the Sommelier Union and experienced sommelier.

Sherry is also of great importance to jury president and sommelier Mona Schrader from Jante** in Hanover:  "I hope that the topic of sherry will attract even more attention here in Germany, because its versatility is remarkable. The experiences I had today were incredibly surprising, impressive and testified to a high standard, which of course made the decision very difficult for us as a jury."

International competition final in Spain

The winning team of the national final will represent Germany at the 11th international final of the competition, which will take place in May 2025 as part of the Copa Jerez Forum & Competition in Spain. There they will compete against teams from Denmark, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. A unique career boost and the chance to present themselves on an international stage.

The winning menu of the Copa Jerez:


  • Sherry: Manzanilla Papirusa Sanlucar de Barrameda - Lustau Solera Familiar
  • Mackerel: Wasabi / sago / manzanilla / parsnip

Main course

  • Sherry: Alfonso Jerez Xeres Sherry - Oloroso Seco
  • Lamb: Hazelnut / Fig / Celery / Acai


  • Sherry: Cuesta Moscatel Sherry - Jose de la Cuesta
  • Magnolia: cardamom / parsley / jalapeño / cocoa

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Jan Nachtigall

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Teko in Essen

Lily Hartley

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Teko in Essen