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Lothar Eiermann

Chef de Cuisine

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CV of Lothar Eiermann

Date of birth 02.03.1945 in Stühlingen - Baden, D
Training1959 - 1962: Höhensanatorium, Karl Kempf, Höchenschwand, Schwarzwald
CV1963 - 1964: Beauvanlac, Zürich, CH
1964 - 1967: La Crappe D'or, Laussanne, CH
1967 - 1968: Victoria, Cleaux Montreaux, CH
1968 - 1970: Erbprinz, Ettlingen
1970: Master Chef diploma
1972: School of Hotel Management , Heidelberg. Diploma.
1972: Management trainee in England and Scotland
1973 - 2008: Wald- & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe
PhilosophyI always seem to attract particularly demanding jobs.
Awards1977: Golden "Peppermill", Esprit, Klaus Besser
1999, 2000 & 2001: Top Ten Chefs of the Year, ARAL Schlemmer-Atlas
2001: Chef of the Year, Der Feinschmecker (German trade journal)
Special aspectsServing in the restaurant is not an end in itself but one should learn to be discrete and cheerful when communicating with guests.
1: Starke Stücke. With Gerhard Polt. Swiridoff Verlag, 2003. ISBN 3899290054, € 22.50


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