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Hans Georg Lorscheider

Chef de Cuisine (Zur Malerklause in Bescheid)

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CV of Hans Georg Lorscheider

Date of birth 13.10.1950 in Bullay - Mosel, DE
Training1980 - 1982: Europa Parkhotel, Hans Josef Schmitt, Trier
CV1982 - 1983: Zur Malerklause, Bescheid (only chef)
1984: Kurfürstliches Amtshaus, Martin Kucher, Daun
1984: Sporthotel Biersdorf, H. Weber, Biersdorf & Arkade, Hans Josef Schmitt , Trier
1985: KGS Cantine, Trier
1990: Restaurant Blass, Kurt Blass, Mannheim
1990 - 1991: Landhaus Scherrer, Heinz Wehmann, Hamburg
since 1991: Gasthaus Zur Malerklause, Bescheid (Chef de cuisine)
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Hans Georg Lorscheider is Chef de Cuisine

in Zur Malerklause in Bescheid

PhilosophyLife is as beautiful as one lets it be. One maybe shouldn't see oneself as being so important.
Member ofKöcheclub Trier (Chefs Club)
Special aspectsIt wasn't until I turned 30 that I was able to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a chef. Initially I trained as a housepainter in my family's business and then worked on pylons for a year. After completing military service with the Air Force Music Corps 1 in Neubiberg I worked in a tyre factory before starting my training as a chef.


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