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Erhard Schäfer

Chef de Cuisine (Maitre in Köln)

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CV of Erhard Schäfer

Date of birth 10.01.1959 in Gillenfeld - Eifel, D
Training1973 - 1976: Café Endres, Prüm (pastry cook and confectioner)
1976 - 1978: Staatliches Kurhaus, Bad Bertrich (cook)
CV1978 - 1979: Bristol, Hotel Kempinski. Bernhard Schambach, Berlin
1979 - 1985: Hotel Schweizerhof, Hans-Jörg Schlenker, Berlin
1985: Roggendorf's Restaurant, Siegfried Roggendorf, Berlin
1986 - 1990: Marienburger Bonotel, Cologne (Chef de cuisine)
1990 - 1992: La Vita, Cologne (Chef de cuisine)
1993: Rino Casati, Cologne (Chef de cuisine)
1997: Börsen-Restaurant Maître, Cologne (Chef de cuisine and complementary)
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Erhard Schäfer is Chef de Cuisine

in Maitre in Köln

PhilosophyGood food and wine are culture and without culture life isn't worth living!
Member ofChaîne des Rôtisseurs
Awards1985: 4 Gold medals, German Chef Team, Int. Gastronomic Festival Torquay, England
1987: Gold medal, German Chef Team, Int. Culinary Classic Chicago, USA
1988: 3 Gold medals, IKA Frankfurt

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