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Taberna do Mercado

Chef: Nuno Mendes
Chef: Antonio Galapito
Location: London (United Kingdom)

Talbot Inn

Chef: Pravin Nayar
Location: Mells (United Kingdom)


Location: London (United Kingdom)


Location: Betws-y-coed (United Kingdom)

Tapestry at Lochgreen House Hotel

Chef: Andrew Costley
Chef: Iain Conway
Location: Troon (United Kingdom)


Chef: Nicolas Valmagna
Location: St Helier (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques


Location: St Martin's (United Kingdom)


Chef: Michal Chacinski
Location: London (United Kingdom)

Terry M

Chef: Tim McDougall
Location: Newport (United Kingdom)


Chef: Agnar Sverrisson
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques


Chef: Shane Hughes
Chef: Richard Phillips
Location: Tunbridge Wells (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The 'Q' Restaurant

Chef: Ryan Kellow
Location: Fowey (United Kingdom)

The Admiralty Restaurant

Chef: Daniel Groom
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Albermarle

Chef: Lee Streeton
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Anchor

Chef: Daniel Watkins
Location: Hullbridge (United Kingdom)

The Anchor and Hope

Chef: Alex Crofts
Chef: Jonathon Jones
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Ancrum Cross Keys

Location: Ancrum (United Kingdom)

The Angel

Chef: Mathew Thomas
Location: Salem (United Kingdom)

The Angel Inn

Location: Hetton (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Artichoke

Chef: Laurie Gear
Chef: Ben Jenkins
Location: Amersham (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Arundell Arms

Chef: Steven Pidgeon
Location: Lifton (United Kingdom)

The Auberge

Chef: Daniel Green
Location: St Martin's (United Kingdom)

The Avenue

Chef: Olly Rouse
Location: Winchester (United Kingdom)

The Bakers Arms

Chef: Adam Cordery
Chef: Matt Hewitt
Chef: Kieron Rushworth
Location: Droxford (United Kingdom)

The Barbary

Chef: Eyal Jagermann
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Bath Priory

Chef: Adam Simmonds
Location: Bath (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Beaufort Dining Room

Chef: David Kelman
Location: Cheltenham (United Kingdom)

The Berkeley Arms

Chef: Neil Hitchen
Location: Wymondham (United Kingdom)

The Bildeston Crown

Chef: Chris Lee
Location: Bildeston (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Bird in Hand

Chef: Sylvie Platek
Location: Long Ashton (United Kingdom)

The Black Rat

Chef: John Marsden-Jones
Location: Winchester (United Kingdom)

The Black Rock

Chef: David Symons
Location: St Ives (United Kingdom)

The Black Swan at Oldstead

Chef: Tommy Banks
Location: Oldstead (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Blackbird

Location: Newbury (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Boar's Head

Location: Ardington (United Kingdom)

The Boat House

Chef: Joery Castel
Location: Bangor (United Kingdom)

The Brackenbury

Chef: Humphrey Fletcher
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Brasserie

Chef: Roman Zalaba
Location: Bagshot (United Kingdom)

The Broad Chare

Chef: Dan Warren
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)

The Bull

Location: Highgate (United Kingdom)

The Burlington

Location: Bolton Abbey (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Bybrook

Chef: Robert Potter
Location: Castle Combe (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Café at Brovey Lair

Chef: Tina Pemberton
Location: Ovington (United Kingdom)

The Capital Restaurant

Chef: Jérôme Ponchelle
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Chaddesley Restaurant

Chef: Tim Jenkins
Location: Chaddesley Corbett (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Checkers

Chef: Stéphane Borie
Location: Montgomery (United Kingdom)

The Chequers

Location: Gedney Dyke (United Kingdom)

The Chesil Rectory

Chef: Damian Brown
Location: Winchester (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Church Green

Chef: Aiden Byrne
Location: Lymm (United Kingdom)

The Cinnamon Club

Chef: Vivek Singh
Chef: Rakesh Ravindran
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Clove Club

Chef: Isaac McHale
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Coach

Chef: Nick Beardshaw
Chef: Tom Kerridge
Location: Marlow (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Conservatory

Chef: Matthew Roath
Location: Yarm (United Kingdom)

The Cornish Arms

Chef: John Hooker
Location: Tavistock (United Kingdom)

The Cors

Chef: Nick Priestland
Location: Laugharne (United Kingdom)

The Creel

Chef: Alan Craigie
Location: St Margaret's Hope (United Kingdom)

The Cross

Chef: David Skiggs
Location: Kingussie (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Dairy

Chef: Robin Gill
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Dial House

Chef: Paul Nicholson
Location: Bourton on the Water (United Kingdom)

The Dining Room

Chef: Christopher Astley
Location: Boroughbridge (United Kingdom)

The Dining Room at Mallory Court

Location: Leamington Spa (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Dining Room at Whatley Manor

Chef: Niall Keating
Location: Malmesbury (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: * *

The Dogs

Location: Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

The Dower House

Chef: David Campbell
Location: Bath (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Dunsforth

Location: Lower Dunsforth (United Kingdom)

The Ebury

Chef: Christophe Clerget
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Elephant

Chef: Simon Hulstone
Location: Torquay (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Empress

Chef: Elliott Lidstone
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Ethicurean

Chef: Matthew Pennington
Chef: Iain Pennington
Location: Wrington (United Kingdom)

The Eyre Brothers

Chef: David Eyre
Chef: Joao Cleto
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Fat Duck

Restaurant The Fat Duck impressions and views
Chef: Heston Blumenthal
Chef: Jonny Lake
Location: Bray (United Kingdom)
toques* * *

The Feathered Nest Country Inn

Chef: Kuba Winkowski
Location: Nether Westcote (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Five Bells Inn

Chef: Ian Webber
Location: Clyst Hydon (United Kingdom)

The Five Fields

Chef: Taylor Bonnyman
Chef: Marguerite Keogh
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Forester

Chef: Andrew Kilburn
Location: Donhead St. Andrew (United Kingdom)

The Four Seasons

Chef: Ryan Shilton
Location: Swinfen (United Kingdom)

The French

Chef: Adam Reid
Location: Manchester (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Gallery

Chef: Barnaby Hibbert
Location: Barry (United Kingdom)

The Gallery at the Black Swan Hotel

Chef: Alan O'Kane
Location: Helmsley (United Kingdom)

The Gannet

Chef: Peter McKenna
Chef: Ivan Stein
Location: Glasgow (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The George Hotel

Chef: Helen Prince
Location: Hathersage (United Kingdom)

The Gilbert Scott

Chef: Dan Howes
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Glasshouse

Chef: Berwyn Davies
Location: Kew (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Great House

Chef: Régis Crépy
Location: Lavenham (United Kingdom)

The Green Cáfe

Chef: Clive Davis
Location: Ludlow (United Kingdom)

The Greenway

Chef: Marcus McGuinness
Location: Shurdington (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Greyhound

Chef: Alessio Brusardin
Location: London (United Kingdom)

The Greyhound on the Test

Chef: Chris Heather
Location: Stockbridge (United Kingdom)

The Grove

Chef: Allister Barsby
Location: Narberth (United Kingdom)

The Gunton Arms

Chef: Stuart Tattersall
Location: Thorpe Market (United Kingdom)

The Hardwick

Chef: Stephen Terry
Chef: Lee Evans
Location: Abergavenny (United Kingdom)

The Hare

Location: Hungerford (United Kingdom)

The Hare Inn

Chef: Paul Jackson
Location: Scawton (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Harrow at Little Bedwyn

Chef: Roger Jones
Location: Little Bedwyn (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques

The Harwood Arms

Chef: Alex Harper
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Rating: toques
Stars: *

The Horn of Plenty

Chef: Ashley Wright
Location: Tavistock (United Kingdom)

The Hundred of Ashendon

Chef: Matthew Gill
Location: Aylesbury (United Kingdom)

The Ingham Swan

Chef: Daniel Smith
Location: Ingham (United Kingdom)

The Inn at Welland

Chef: Chris Exley
Location: Welland (United Kingdom)

The Ivy

Chef: Gary Lee
Location: London (United Kingdom)

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