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Restaurant of the month

arrow left December 2016: La Vie, Osnabrück, Germany arrow right

La Vie, Life And this is how Parardise should taste - colourful and full of relish

A kaleidoscope of pleasure at its best. The Restaurant la vie in Osnabruck provides the blueprint. How wonderful that only the merchant Tenge’s 1814 classicist dwelling is listed and not the cooking. This does not stand still but is submitted to challenges and changes on a daily basis.  A walk-in wine cooler and humidor separated lounge and restaurant, a tall piece of driftwood marked with Muschelkalk stains acts as a silent bodyguard. The room is decorated in warm colours, stylish, elegant, contemporary art on the walls, white napery with napkins rolled lengthwise as an eye-catcher, comfortable chairs. An exclusive evening is about to start, grand opera, Le Grand Chef strikes up.   ThomasBühner, born 1962, a true native of Westphalia with the gentle persuasive voice of one who considers before he acts. At 16, after completing an aptitude test at the job centre, he follows the recommendation and becomes a chef. And if chef, then a good one. As with all ambitious cooks the journey is hard and stony his wanderjahre taking him through a who’s who of gourmet kitchens in Germany before Jürgen Großmann invited him to take over la vie – in the centre of the historical old town, near the cathedral, a suitable location for such an exceptional restaurant.   

Author: Margret Buchner

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