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el Bulli (closed)

Roses (Spain)


Address: Cala Montjoi S/N
17480 Roses
Innovative Cuisine

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There are no opening hours for this restaurant.

Restaurant el Bulli (closed) map and address
vegetariancreditcardchild friendlydisableddogs allowedterracesecondary roomspecial locationparking possiblepublic transportshuttle service

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Für dieses Restaurant sind im aktuellen Jahr noch keine Bewertungen von professionellen Restaurantführern vergeben worden.

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Volkenborn ranking

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Michelin "stars" * * * 20,0
Repsol "sol" # # # 19,0
LoMejores "points" 10.0 20,0

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Kitchen and service team

Chef de Cuisine
Ferran Adrià

Menu, prices and more infos

Prices27 course degustation menu: € 195
AppetizerApple caviar
Main dishRabbit ragout with warm apple jelly.
DessertParmesan ice-cream.
Cooking courses/culinary schoolelBullicarmen (administrative offices) Carmen, 15 Entl 2ª E-08001 Barcelona

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