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Guide Michelin 2024

Three new starred restaurants in Vietnam

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Restaurants in Da Nang rated for the first time

Three new Michelin-starred restaurants in Vietnam

(09 July 2024) - With a ceremony at the InterContinental Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Michelin has announced the selection of restaurants for the 2024 Guide for Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. These include the coveted stars, the green star, which recognises the sustainable approach of restaurants, the Bib Gourmand as well as the Young Chef, Sommellerie and Service Awards. It is a first in the history of this destination: it is the first time that an establishment has been awarded the Michelin Guide's green star.

This new vintage highlights 164 restaurants, including seven stars (2 new, one upgrade from the recommendations category), 58 Bib Gourmand restaurants (28 new), and 99 recommendations (40 new restaurants). Among the addresses included in this year's selection are 10 in Hanoi (5 Bib Gourmand and 5 recommendations), 26 in Ho Chi Minh City (two with one star, eight Bib Gourmand and 16 recommended restaurants) and 36 in Da Nang (one star, 16 Bib Gourmands and 19 recommendations).

According to Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide, Da Nang, which is included in the second Vietnamese selection of the Michelin Guide, brings real added value thanks to its addresses and specialities. The recommended restaurants perfectly represent the country's central cuisine, which combines French, Chinese and Southeast Asian influences.

"Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang each have their own unique identity. Thanks to the vitality, passion and creativity that drives them, they make the country's gastronomic scene vibrate. And there is no shortage of talent: while many renowned international chefs are trying their hand in Vietnam, a new generation of local chefs is also emerging whose cuisine is attracting more and more gourmets. All of this is helping to establish Vietnam's place on the international gastronomic scene and confirms that this destination deserves to be discovered more than ever," says Gwendal Poullennec.

New one-star restaurants

While all the restaurants that were awarded one star in 2023, namely Gia, Hibana by Koki, Tầm Vị and Ănăn Saigon, will retain their award this year, the category will also be enriched by two new restaurants and one upgraded restaurant. The two new addresses are: Akuna [Ho Chi Minh City], where creative European dishes with Vietnamese influences are served, with an optional food and wine pairing formula, and La Maison 1888 [Da Nang], which offers a 5 or 7 -course feast menu with exceptional products from Vietnam, France and Japan.

The address from the Michelin Guide recommended category is The Royal Pavilion [Ho Chi Minh City], which offers a wide selection of à la carte dishes and several menus that pay tribute to Canton's culinary heritage. A dim sum menu is also served at lunchtime.

Nén Danang: the first Vietnamese restaurant to be awarded the Green Star. The Green Star recognises selected restaurants that pave the way for more environmentally friendly gastronomy by offering experiences that combine culinary excellence and ecological commitment.

Nén Danang, recommended by the Michelin Guide, is honoured with the country's first Green Star for its commitment to greener gastronomy. The team at this address, which has stood out for its sustainable initiatives since it opened in 2017, endeavours to promote local sourcing by using the vast majority of ingredients produced in the region. It runs its own farm, which it shares on social media, and invites everyone to get involved for a more sustainable future. As well as raising awareness among its guests, it also works with local schools to teach the younger generation the key to the best respect for the environment.

New Bib Gourmand restaurants

With a total of 58 restaurants (8 in Hanoi, 24 in Ho Chi Minh City and 16 in Da Nang), this new vintage has twice as many Bib Gourmands as 2023. Among the 29 new additions, 16 are from Da Nang, 5 from Hanoi and 8 from Ho Chi Minh City.

Hanoi, which represents the north of Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh City, which represents the south, are joined this year by Da Nang, a city in the centre of the country whose cuisine combines French, Chinese and South Asian influences. The specialities of this coastal city are memorable, complex and made from fresh ingredients.

Among the Bib Gourmand selected this year in Da Nang are: Bé Ni 2, an address with a relaxed atmosphere that is never empty. It serves rice specialities during the day and seafood in the evening, including high-quality shellfish from local catches. Indian Aroma Restaurant, a restaurant serving traditional dishes from all corners of India, the chef's homeland. Must-haves on the menu include papadam, accompanied by mint chutney and saag ghosch (a veal and spinach curry typical of the north of the country); and Mỳ Quảng Sứa Hồng Vân, a street food address known for its mì quảng, which consists of a delicious red and orange prawn broth, noodles and a wide selection of toppings: Quail egg, pork, prawns, meatballs or jellyfish.

99 restaurants (including 40 new ones) are recommended by the Michelin Guide: 33 are in Hanoi (including 5 new ones), 47 in Ho Chi Minh City (including 16 new ones) and 19 in Da Nang (only new ones). All of these addresses, selected for their potential, could win a star or a Bib Gourmand in the future.

The new restaurants recommended by the guide in Hanoi include: Bánh Cuốn Bà Hoành, a street food address where foodies can enjoy succulent Bánh Cuốn, steamed Vietnamese buns with minced pork and black mushrooms; Hanoi Garden, a restaurant offering a mix of classic and modern Vietnamese cuisine; or Le Beaulieu, known for its gourmet French cuisine and extensive wine list. Those in Ho Chi Minh City include: Du Yên, a restaurant offering delicious vegetarian dishes; Kobe Bistro, whose speciality is French cuisine, and Oryz, an address that pays homage to East Asian cuisine by drawing inspiration from the continent's culinary traditions, but not only that.

Finally, the restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide in Da Nang include: Mỳ Quảng Cô Sáu, a restaurant known for its Mi Quảng, a noodle dish flavoured with an intense turmeric broth and accompanied by various toppings such as chicken, fish and prawns. Not forgetting its Thịt Heo Bánh Tráng, consisting of thin slices of pork belly rolled in rice paper with aromatic herbs and vegetables; Năm Đảnh, a simple restaurant with a large room where you can enjoy traditional seafood dishes such as scallops, prawns and oysters; and finally Olivia's Prime, which also offers some seafood products, but also and above all meat, especially high-quality beef imported from abroad. Everything is cooked over the coals and accompanied by a fine selection of beers and wines.

Special awards

In addition to recommending quality restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide also wishes to recognise the work of people who contribute to offering diners an exceptional gastronomic experience.

MICHELIN Young Chef Award: a tribute to a young chef who has impressed the judges with both their impressive talent and their potential. This year, the Young Chef Award goes to Duy Nguyen, the chef of Little Bear, a new restaurant recommended by the guide in Ho Chi Minh City. Chef Duy is as passionate as he is professional. Calm and cheerful by nature, he leads his young and competent team with a confident hand. The modern cuisine brilliantly combines traditional Vietnamese flavours with modern techniques and ingredients. With his creations, the chef shares his childhood memories with us.

The MICHELIN Sommellerie Prize rewards the skills, knowledge and passion of talented sommeliers in the catering industry. The 2024 Sommellerie Prize is awarded to Toan Nguyen, who runs La Maison 1888, the only restaurant in Da Nang to be awarded a star. Toan took his first steps in the hotel industry about 6 years ago. His interest in wine led him to train as a sommelier in Hanoi before leaving for Da Nang in 2023 with his diploma in hand. Our inspectors appreciated his cordial exchanges with this smiling and passionate professional who offers extremely precise agreements.

MICHELIN Service Award: The aim of the award is to highlight and promote talented and experienced professionals who add real value to the customer experience. The winner of the Service Award is Anh Nguyen, part of the team at Si Dining, a MICHELIN Guide recommended restaurant in Da Nang. With a degree in interpreting, Anh entered the catering industry part-time during her studies. She is warm, welcoming and energetic and takes care to fulfil guests' expectations to the best of her ability. Not only does she know the history of the restaurant like the back of her hand, she also has an in-depth knowledge of the dishes on the menu, which enables her to customise her recommendations.

All reviews in the Michelin Guide 2024 for Vietnam

Ein Stern

  • La Maison 1888 in Da Nang
  • aufgewertetThe Royal Pavilion in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • ĂnănSaigon in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuAkuna in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Tầm Vị in Hanoi
  • Hibana by Koki in Hanoi
  • Gia in Hanoi

Bib Gourmand

  • Bánh Xèo 46A in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuBếp Mẹ ỉn (Le Thanh Ton Street) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuBò Kho Gánh in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Bún Bò Huế 14B in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Chay Garden (District 3) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Cơm Tấm Ba Ghiền in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Cuc Gach Quan in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Dim Tu Tac (Dong Du Street) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Hồng Phát (District 3) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuHum Garden in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuMặn Mòi (Thu Duc City) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Nhà Tú in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Chào in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Hoà Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Hoàng in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Hương Bình in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Lệ (District 5) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Minh in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • aufgewertetPhở Phượng in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuSol Kitchen & Bar in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuTiệm Cơm Thố Chuyên Ký in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Vị Quê Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Xôi Bát in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • 1946 Cua Bac in Hanoi
  • neuBún Chả Chan in Hanoi
  • Bun Cha Ta (Nguyen Huu Huan Street) in Hanoi
  • Chả Cá Thăng Long (6B Duong Thanh Street) in Hanoi
  • Chào Bạn in Hanoi
  • Don Duck Old Quarter in Hanoi
  • Habakuk in Hanoi
  • neuLuk Lak in Hanoi
  • neuMiến Lươn Đông Thịnh in Hanoi
  • neuMr Bảy Miền Tây in Hanoi
  • Phở 10 Lý Quốc Sư (Hoan Kiem) in Hanoi
  • Phở Bò Ấu Triệu in Hanoi
  • Phở Gà Nguyệt in Hanoi
  • PhởGia Truyền (Hoan Kiem) in Hanoi
  • neuPhở Khôi Hói in Hanoi
  • The East in Hanoi
  • Tuyết Bún Chả 34 in Hanoi
  • neuXới Cơm in Hanoi
  • neu Ăn Thôi in Da Nang
  • neuBà Đông in Da Nang
  • neuBánh Xèo Tôm Nhảy Cô Ba in Da Nang
  • neuBé Ni 2 in Da Nang
  • neuBún Bò Bà Rơi (Hai Chau) in Da Nang
  • neuBún Chả Cá 109 in Da Nang
  • neuBún Chả Cá Hờn in Da Nang
  • neuCô Chủ Nhỏ in Da Nang
  • neuIndian Aroma Restaurant in Da Nang
  • neuMỳ Quảng Sứa Hồng Vân in Da Nang
  • neuNăm Hiền (Phan Thanh Street) in Da Nang
  • neuNgọc Chi in Da Nang
  • neuPhú Hồng in Da Nang
  • neuQuán Nhân in Da Nang
  • neuRang in Da Nang
  • neuThìa Gỗ in Da Nang


  • neuBà Diệu (Tran Tong Street) in Da Nang
  • neuBánh Canh Yến in Da Nang
  • neuBánh Xèo Bà Dưỡng in Da Nang
  • neuBé Mặn in Da Nang
  • neuBếp Hên in Da Nang
  • neuBún Chả Cá Bà Hoa in Da Nang
  • neuCơm Gà Lan in Da Nang
  • neuLe Comptoir in Da Nang
  • neuLuk Lak in Da Nang
  • neuMadame Lân in Da Nang
  • neuMì Quảng 1A in Da Nang
  • neuMy Hanh Seafood in Da Nang
  • neuMỳ Quảng Cô Sáu in Da Nang
  • neuNăm Đảnh in Da Nang
  • neuNén Danang in Da Nang
  • neuNu Đồ Kitchen in Da Nang
  • neuOlivia's Prime in Da Nang
  • neuSi Dining in Da Nang
  • neuThe Temptation in Da Nang
  • A Bản Mountain Dew in Hanoi
  • Azabu in Hanoi
  • Backstage in Hanoi
  • neuBánh Cuốn Bà Hoành in Hanoi
  • BánhCuốn Bà Xuân in Hanoi
  • Bếp Prime in Hanoi
  • Bún Chả Đắc Kim (Hang Manh Street) in Hanoi
  • Bún Chả Hương Liên (Hai Ba Trung) in Hanoi
  • Cau Go in Hanoi
  • Chả Cá Anh Vũ (Dong Da) in Hanoi
  • Chapter in Hanoi
  • Cồ Đàm in Hanoi
  • Duong's in Hanoi
  • El Gaucho (Hoan Kiem) in Hanoi
  • Etēsia in Hanoi
  • French Grill in Hanoi
  • neuHanoi Garden in Hanoi
  • Hemispheres Steak & Seafood Grill in Hanoi
  • Highway4 (Hang Tre Street) in Hanoi
  • Izakaya by Koki in Hanoi
  • La Badiane in Hanoi
  • Labri in Hanoi
  • neuLe Beaulieu in Hanoi
  • neuMaison 1929 in Hanoi
  • Ngon Garden in Hanoi
  • Ốc Di Tú in Hanoi
  • Ốc Vi Saigon in Hanoi
  • Phở Gà Châm (Yen Ninh Street) in Hanoi
  • Quán Ăn Ngon (Hoan Kiem) in Hanoi
  • Senté (Nguyen Quang Bich Street) in Hanoi
  • T.U.N.G dining in Hanoi
  • Tanh Tách in Hanoi
  • neuVị An in Hanoi
  • 3G Trois Gourmands in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Å by T.U.N.G in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • An's Saigon in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuBéo Ơi in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuBếp Người Hội An in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Bờm in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuBún Bò Huế Cô Như in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Bún Thịt Nướng Hoàng Văn in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Cô Liêng in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Coco Dining in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • ĐôngPhố in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuDu Yên in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Elgin in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Esta in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Fashionista Café in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Hervé Dining Room in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Hoa Túc (District 1) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuKobe Bistro in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuLa Fontaine in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • La Villa in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Lai in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuLittle Bear in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Lửa in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuLüne in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Madame Lam in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuMaSa French Eatery by Hervé in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuMia Dining in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuMiên Saigon in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Nén Light in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Ốc Đào (District 1) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuỐc Oanh in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Octo in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Olivia in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuOryz in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuPhở Bò Phú Gia in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Hùng (District 1) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Phở Việt Nam (District 1) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Quince Eatery in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Rice Field in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Square One in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Stoker (District 1) in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • The Monkey Gallery Dining in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuThúy 94 Cũ in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Tre Dining in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Truffle in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • Vietnam House in Ho Chi Minh Stadt
  • neuXôi Gà Number One in Ho Chi Minh Stadt

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