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End of EPOCA in Zurich


Restaurant SONNENBERG on the Züriberg changes its concept

v.l.n.r. Mark Wyss, Tristan Brandt, Niclas Oberhofer | Foto: Jonathan Heyer
v.l.n.r. Mark Wyss, Tristan Brandt, Niclas Oberhofer | Foto: Jonathan Heyer

ZURICH. Following the closure of the Waldhaus restaurant in Flims, the EPOCA by Tristan Brandt restaurant moved to the Sonnenberg restaurant on the Züriberg last autumn. But even there, the team led by chef NIklas Oberhofer will soon no longer be able to continue: "In 2023, we expanded our offering with a complementary FINE DINING concept, EPOCA by Tristan Brandt, to provide our guests with culinary highlights under the leadership of Niklas Oberhofer. A few days ago, the owners and management of the Sonnenberg decided to discontinue this concept from August 2024. The financial challenges have put too much strain on the business. We very much regret this decision. EPOCA will be moving on, and with it Niklas Oberhofer and his crew," reads a statement from the management.

The Sonnenberg restaurant aims to appeal to a broader public in future: "With local culinary roots, family-friendly for young and old, we will give you a warm welcome. In recent years, the Sonnenberg has not only developed into a wonderful excursion destination, but also a special place for family and company occasions, events, banquets, celebrations and presentations," the press release continues.

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