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Restaurant review

Brabo, Barcelona

Spanien, Forum

"Unfortunately, the main product, the Friesian beef T-bone steak, and the accompanying side dishes are weak."

Foto von Logan Armstrong auf Unsplash

Restaurant Brabo, Barcelona

"A very carnivorous grill restaurant that is recommended in the Michelin Guide. The very friendly staff here dream of Extebarri and Elkano, and six bottles of wine are fetched and placed on the table without further ado. The grilled bread with smoked butter is sensationally good and a strip of brioche with red shrimps and caviar continues the high standard of the Mont Bar from yesterday and is reminiscent of the fabulous rösti from the Dorian in London. Unfortunately, the main product, the Friesian beef T-bone steak (which is prepared almost raw here as standard) and the accompanying side dishes are not particularly noteworthy and the desserts are also not remarkable - that was better at the Dorian. Costs €287 for two including a bottle of wine for just under €100." (Published in June 2024)

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