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Andreas Tuffentsammer has left Ole Deele

Sous-Chef Tony Hohlfeld takes over

GROSSBURGWEDEL. Andreas Tuffentsammer has left the restaurant Ole Deele. This was made known only a few days before Michelin again awarded it a star.  Sous-Chef Tony Hohlfeld succeeds. The 24-year old plans to remain true to the existing line of cooking. Andreas Tuffentsammer moves back to his south German home, having, according to the 'Neue Presse', always only considered Ole Deele as a temporary situation whilst his girlfriend studied in Hanover, initially for 18 months which then became 5 years. The owner of Ole Deels, Elfrun Kuhn, is quoted as saying that they realised that Tuffi would not be staying with them for forever and a day but that they had no idea as to why he left ... especially as he was on the verge of his second star. She described her new chef Tony Hohlfeld as being very ambitious and has full confidence that he will become the youngest chef to achieve two stars. Source: Neue Presse

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