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Additional information about our cookies

What are „cookies“? 

While you are using our website, small textfiles, called cookies, are saved on your computer. These cookies register informations about the navigation through our site (for example date, day, time, time of use etc.). A cookie will be downloded from your browser if u use our website the first time. When you come back to our site with the same computer, the browser check, if there is a cookie from our site (it means the site-name it is contained in). It sends back the data stored in this cookie back to our website.
A few cookies are important for the functionality of the website and will be activaed automatically, if the user visit it. Renault for example uses cookies, too to facilitate the use of ist website and to provide customized content to your information needs. Further we use this informations to privide for example forms in advance with your data, so that you don’t fill out such forms again. So you can use the site faster and effective, if you call the site the next time. This makes a better user experience. You can’t be indentified personally from this stored informations. Our privacy policy explains among other things, how we protect your privacy.

We use different cookie-types on our RR-website. A few or all cokkies explained below will probably be stored in your browser.

Description of the cookie-types:

With these cookies will be stored informations to the presentation on our websites like your preferred language or your region. When your region is stored, a website will show you for example the local weather or local news. With these cookies you can personalize your font size or the style of lettering as well as other categories of the site. If you loose the cookies, the use of the site will be maybe circumstantial, but do not pass a blackout. In the most browsers there you can find a cookie called „PREF“. A browser will send this with requests to the RR. The PREF-cookie will save probably your adjustment and other informations, notably you favorite language or how many queries you want (10 or 20 or more).

RR uses safety-cookies, to authenticate the user and pervent a misuse of informations about the registration and the access through trespassers. Notably Renault uses so-called „SID- and HSID-cookies, which save the last time of registration of a user in a digital signed and encrypted form. The combination of this two cookiesallow us to block a lot of attack forms. We stop for example tries, to steal informations from forms, you filled in on our site.

Process-cookies are accounted that the site respond in the right way and feature the expected services. Thereto count the navigation through websites and the access to protected areas. Without these cookies the website can’t work in the right way.

We use cookies, to arrange notifications for the users which will be attractive, and will be useful for publisher and advertiser. Usually cookies are used for choose user relevant advertises, which improve the report generation for capaign productivity or to avoid that you will see the same advertises several times. RR uses cookies like the PREF-cookie to personalise advertises. This is essential notably, if you do not use a Google-account. We also use cookies for advertises which we connect outside of Google-products. Our most important advetising-cokking is called „ID“. It will be aved in the browser under the domain We also use other cookies, for example „_drt_“, „FLC“, „NID“ and „exchangeuid“. Sometimes a cookie will be set for the domain of the visited website. A cookie called „_gads“ will be probably saved in our doubleclick-product for the domain of these visited site.
Other Google-products like Youtube coulb probably use the doubleclick-cookie for personalizing advertises, too. Google uses a conversation-cookie, too. Whith this is it possible for advertisers to analyse how many clicks a product will get and how many people buy these. Your browser charateristics will not be linked with other advertisers. These cookies will be active only for a limited time. It will be set from the domain
Serveral from our advertising products allow a company send own cookies to your browser. If you visit a site which use doubleclick, it is possible that Google or a third party will send a cookie to your browser. Publisher and advertiser work possibly with different technologies and internet service providers. They can all set their own cookies, whereupon every cookie can only be read from the domain which have set it. This means that probably could be send several cookies from several companies to your browser. That is how the most online-advertises are working.

Websites often record informatins how users interact with the site. To this counts for example, which sites the user visit often and if they get an error message from them. We use so called „sessionstatus-cookies“ to optimize our services to improfe the use of our site. Deleting or blocking of these cookies do not impair the usage. These cookies can also to be used to scale the efficacy of PPC- (pay per click) and affiliate-advertisings anonymous. We use for example a cookie called „recently_watched_video_id_list), which is used from Youtube to capture videos which were watched in the different Browsers.

This website uses Google analytics, a web-analysing service from Google Inc. It uses the cookies to allow the analysation of the usage of the site. The informations about the usage of this website, which are generated from these cookies, will be generally saved on a server from Google located in the USA. In the case of a IP-anonymisation on this website, the IP-adress will be stored shortened from Google within the member states of the european union or in a other contracting state at the covention across the european economic area. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP-adress will be tranfered to the USA and will be shorted there.